Brain-Based Coaching Certificate®

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Brain-Based Coaching Certificate®, participants earn 49.5 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units, which meet the minimum education requirement to apply for an ICF ACC (Portfolio Pathway) credential. Prerequisite: Complete the BBCS Brain-Based Conversation Skills® program before earning your certificate. The session is made up of 16 by 90 minute sessions.

Brain-Based Coaching Certificate®

The programme is designed with the brain in mind. At its foundation is coaching theory supported by contemporary neuroscience and brain-based conversation. This programme introduces you to brain-based coaching engagements i.e. a structure to run a formal twelve session coaching engagement.

NB Brain-Based Coaching Certificate® is a Combination of BBCS® + Coaching engagement.

Programme objectives 

  1. Starting the coaching engagement 
  2. Goal setting I and II
  3. Strategies and action
  4. Ongoing coaching sessions
  5. Progress and accountability
  6. Completing the coaching engagement


This programme consists of 8 modules.


Cost for this programme: ZAR 45 000