Brain-Based Conversation Skills®

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3-day Virtual Workshop. All graduates of the Brain-Based Conversation Skills® program earn 25.5 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units. The course covers all 11 ICF Core Competencies

Brain-Based Conversations Skills®

The programme supports participants to develop strong brain-based conversation skills and have
insightful coaching conversations.

Programme Objectives

  1. Communicate with the brain in mind
  2. Learn how to generate insight and build habits with others
  3. Establish a common approach to coaching

Organisation benefits

  1. More effective, influential leaders
  2. Improved employee and team performance
  3. Higher level of staff engagement
  4. Improved motivation and productivity
  5. Better ownership and accountability


The programme covers all 11 ICF Core Competencies.


Cost for this programme: ZAR 30 000